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 Updates Over the next few days

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PostSubject: Updates Over the next few days   Tue Nov 29, 2011 7:58 pm

Hi guys, here is what will be changing over the next few days.

1.Sadly, we will be closing our Search & Destroy server, obvious reasons, it doesnt get used at all to be honest. -Check

2.Our TDM server will remain the same. -Check

3.Our promod server will close, and we will start a new one from a different hosting company, reason for this is because the promod live we have now doesnt allow the use of nades, our new one will allow it.

4. Will be officially changing our clan name.

5. Updates on X fire & our forums to the clan name change.

6. A Steam group will be created. -Check

7- Team-speak 3 will also be updated due to the name changes.

8. New ranks will be instigated, more in-depth ranks and possibilities, something more to work for. -Check

9. Departments will be created, for example: Our recruiting department is run by Snipe with Viktorius a recruiter too. The list of the departments are here:
-Recruiting - In charge of recruiting.
-Scrim management - In charge of our scrim team well being, also will find and organise scrims.
-Forum Staff - In charge of keeping the forums clean, keeping forum ranks up to date & other.
-Public server operators - In charge of keeping our servers populated, keeping them clean & making the game fun for everyone. -Check

10. Minor issues to be fixed. -Check

11. Improvement section to be made.

12. Department sections to be made. -Check

13. A new medal system for the forums to be made.

Good gaming, see you soon !
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Updates Over the next few days
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